Are YOU the next most valuable brand?

Recently, Apple was recognized as the most valuable brand in the world. Certainly this is no surprise to those of us who own Apple products (or those of you who stood in line to purchase Apple products). What is a surprise, however, is that Apple has overtaken more established brands like Disney, Pampers, and Mercedes-Benz (among many others).

All of us know people who harness their talents and strengths to do great work within organizations – and some of these folks seem to overtake (or “outshine”) others who were once the established standard-bearers. I frequently speak of the importance of personal branding and how your personal brand can create value in the minds of others.  I am still amazed, however, that some don’t see the connection between branding and value creation and perception.

What can YOU do to ensure that you’ll be the next most valuable brand?


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