“Sales” Involves SELLING!


Over the weekend, the folks over at the blogazine “Linked 2 Leadership” posted my latest article for them:

Sales Leader: Heal Thyself!

Throughout my recent interactions with colleagues, I’m hearing more and more about an epidemic spreading across the (business) landscape that threatens to negatively impact business development in enterprises around the world…and render an entire profession ineffective.

Sales leaders are encouraging their salespeople to stop “selling.”

Sure, these leaders want (actually, NEED) their salespeople to close business and generate revenue, but they don’t want them to “sell” to do it.

They want them to consult…challenge…develop relationships…hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” (OK, I’m overreaching on that last one, but you get my point). (Read More…)

Click the link and head over to read the entire article – and support a great resource for leaders and leadership development.


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