More in Twenty Zero One Four!



OK – It’s tough to admit, but I was a bad “blog friend” in 2013.

Sure, I dropped in from time to time to share some insight and information with you, but I wasn’t there for you consistently. Exhibit A: My top 3 articles (most visited) were from 2012 (Are You a Transformational Leader?; Are You A Participative Leader?; No Title? No Problem!).


I did contribute articles to other sites in 2013, but I wasn’t as attentive to my “home readers”. Sure…I could’ve dropped in more regularly with a witty quip or observation…but isn’t that what Twitter is for anyway? (I was a bit more “present” on Twitter…do I get any extra credit for that?) Oh, and I was very busy with work projects and family (more extra credit?).

Nonetheless – I promise you “More In Twenty Zero One Four”! Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

Happy (belated) New Year!


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