The Millenial Brand: Career

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There have been lots of articles written about talent management and the Millenial/Generation Y workforce. I don’t want to add to the continual droning and “us vs. them” commentary, particularly since most of it is written almost adversarialy (“they’re lazy…entitled…too social…not focused…”).

As a Gen X’er, I don’t have a problem acknowledging that the young men and women entering the workforce today are A LOT different than my contemporaries – and there’s nothing wrong with that. These folks have had access to emerging technologies and environments that significantly & positively impacted their learning experiences, and their knowledge is highly sought after in today’s job market.

In fact, Millenials have developed a unique brand that they shouldn’t be ashamed to take advantage of. One area of acceptance that has emerged over the past few years is the reduced stigma of “job-hopping”.

As a career sales professional, I’ve worked in many organizations – and in some cases I’ve spent only 1 year in my position. I’ve done my fair share of “selling myself” to wary recruiters and hiring managers and explaining the experiences I’ve gained from multiple employers over the years is an asset, not a liability.

Today, Millenials are encouraged to seek opportunities to enhance their skills and experiences – even though employers are still trying to refine the process of employee development and retention. Subsequently, Millenials are seen less and less as “job-hoppers”, and more like experienced knowledge workers:

Chief Learning Officer Magazine – “Gen Y Can Jump”:

Gaining valuable knowledge and experience enhances your personal brand. Millenials should continue to seek out opportunities to add to their knowledge repository, and employers should continue to seek those whose varied experiences and knowledge help their organizations grow.


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