Your Brand, Your Responsibility

I recently read an article from Dorie Clark that reinforced my passion for the importance of building personal branding awareness…and the perils of ignoring the necessity of it. In the article The 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Fail at Personal Branding, Clark argues that personal branding is critical for entrepreneurs (I’ll extend that thesis by stating that personal branding is critical to EVERYONE)…and here are her the top 3 failures she’s seen:

  • Assuming they understand their personal brand
  • Failing to create a clear narrative
  • Not living out their brand

To me, Clark’s article illustrates one thing: your brand is YOUR responsibility.

When I wrote the article What Are People Saying About You?, I shared insight from a colleague on developing a “talkable” brand. People are going to talk about, so do your best to ensure that information shared about is accurate (and hopefully, positive). I also wrote about the importance of developing a personal mission statement – a statement that succinctly defines your core purpose and guiding principles – to help you gain a fundamental understanding of who you are and what’s important to you.

After you’ve assessed your guiding principles and proactively conveyed your brand to others, then you’ve committed to live out your brand. That commitment is the acceptance of the power and influence that your brand creates.


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