The Carrot & The Stick

carrot & stick

In case you haven’t read my bio yet – I’m a sales guy.

Sure, I hold an MBA and a Doctorate, but I’m still an actively engaged sales guy.

I’ve been responsible for a sales quota for my entire adult life, so I know a bit about measuring sales performance and engagement – and I’ve conducted extensive research on developing sales leaders. In the past, I’ve written about measuring sales performance…and I even penned a “manifesto for new sales leaders”.

Accordingly, I’m always intrigued when someone explores the concept of motivating sales people (i.e. “the carrot and the stick” philosophy). The latest contributor to the conversation is Jill Konrath – a noted Sales Expert and Author. In her newest video, Jill admonishes sales people (and their leaders) to look beyond performance/quota based goals and explore the concept of “get better” goals:

Let me be clear: I’m NOT advocating eliminating quota-based selling. Sales people are intrinsically motivated producers who seek to be rewarded (stack rankings, commissions, trips, etc.) for producing revenue and driving business results.

I AM, however, challenging sales people (and sales leaders) to continually assess ways to stay engaged and explore diverse practices that will help them continue producing revenue and driving business results…year over year.


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