What’s Your “Why”?


When I began my professional speaking career 17 years ago, I was a motivational speaker. No, not the “RAH RAH” kind (Side Note: I always cringe when I see Carnival Barker-esque motivational techniques)…just a guy who spoke to all kinds of groups of people and encouraged them to be and do their best.

Over time, I evolved and began to focus on consulting, writing, and speaking opportunities that showcased my research (talent management, leadership development, sales enablement) – any avenue that allows me to develop talent and engage those interested in personal development.

I still, however, admire watching and listening to people who grab my attention and speak directly to my heart. Recently, someone shared a video with me that reminded me of my motivational speaking days, and it aligns with the kinds of conversations I’ve been having with others lately. In the video, comedian Michael Jr. explains the difference between “what” and “why”:

I’ve interviewed and observed lots of leaders over the years. I can attest that each one of them knows their “why” – which made their “what” much more easier to pursue.

This video made me reflect on my own “why”, to ensure that I’m aligned with my purpose as well as my pursuit…I encourage you to do the same.


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